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A Dutch based hobby breeder of shrimps such as Crystal Red Shrimp and Taiwan Bee. On this website you will find information about water values, shrimp feed, suitable filters for shrimp, change water, overcome shrimp, osmosis water, but also information about the different shrimp we breed. You can also sign up for the newsletter so that you are informed about new breeds and all kinds of fun facts about shrimp.

We breed: Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) grade A, CRS PL S +, Taiwan Bee Wine Red and Red Ruby. Look in the overview of the shrimp for more information. For example, the desired water values (pH, gH, kH, TDS and temperature) are stated for each shrimp.

I am a hobbyist and shrimp-enthusiast and I have tried to translate this website into English as best I can. Forgive me if there are flaws.


Shrimps are a unique addition to your aquarium. They are active because they are always looking for food. That makes it a lot of fun to watch shrimps in your aquarium.

Shrimp will be satisfied with the layout of your aquarium relatively quickly. Of course this depends on the species and that is why I recommend that you take a good look at what the shrimp of your choice desires from the layout of your aquarium.

Shrimp love to be in a group and therefore it is advisable to keep a minimum of 10 shrimps in an aquarium.

Shrimp can be kept in a community aquarium. Make sure you have enough hiding places if you have larger fish swimming around. 


Since water is the most important factor in your aquarium, it is important to well informed about water and water values. Shrimp have demands on your water and water values. So to make the shrimps happy and take good care of them I advise you to read the articles about water.

The provided information on this website is mainly derived from shrimp-center.com's own experiences with shrimp. Opinions can differ and not everyone will act the same way we do.

We strive to provide you with as much information as possible about shrimp.

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Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) S (PL) shrimp. The S grade stands out mainly because of the white portion of the shrimp and the beautiful cover.

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