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On this page you will find general information about shrimp. In the menu you can find information about the different types of shrimp. Shrimp belong to the invertebrates, because they have no backbone but an exoskeleton (armor).

Active animals

Shrimp are a real asset to your aquarium! Not only are shrimp unique to keep in your tank, they are also a lot of fun to watch. Shrimp are very active. They forage for food and graze your entire tank. They also keep your aquarium nice and clean and tidy up nicely. Not only a feast for the eyes, but shrimp also have a very useful function as an aquarium vacuum cleaner and algae eater.

Social creatures

Shrimps are sociable creatures, and best maintained in groups. It is therefore advisable to keep at least a group of 10 shrimps, of the same species, in an aquarium. 10 shrimp is really the minimum to keep in your aquarium. The larger the group of shrimps in an aquarium, the more they will exhibit natural behavior.

Number of shrimps per liter / gallon

How many shrimp can you keep in an aquarium? This is a frequently asked question and it is not that easy to answer. This is because the number of shrimp in the aquarium depends on a large number of factors such as the type of shrimp, enough places to hide, the size of the shrimp, inmates, your filter choice, et cetera.

For fish a rule used is: 1cm fish / liter. We cannot calculate this with shrimp. There are breeders who can safely keep 10 shrimps / liter of water (for example: 40 liter aquarium * 10 shrimps = 400 shrimps).

We keep a maximum of 5 shrimp / liter of water (40 liter aquarium * 5 shrimps = 200 shrimps).

In gallons we advice 2 - 4 shrimps / gallon water. If you're intending to have a group of shrimps, make sure you have at least a 20-gallon tank (20 gallon tank * 2 - 4 shrimps = 40 - 80 shrimps).

Shrimp molting

You see white "empty" shells of shrimp. This is completely normal and can be passed on. After all, it is food for shrimp again. Adult shrimp molt at regular intervals of four to six weeks. The younger the shrimp, the more they molt. The very little ones will molt daily.

It is important that shrimps have a good hiding place before molting. Because the shell of adult shrimp is completely hardened after several days, the shrimp is vulnerable between molting and hardening.

Start with shrimp

Do you want to start with a shrimp aquarium or do you want to add shrimp to your current aquarium? Click here for more information and a step-by-step plan.

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