Crystal Red Shrimp S (PL)

Cardina cf. cantonensis "Red Bee" - S pure lined

Where the A + grade is not completely opaque, the PL S grade is. The PL is from a Pure Line strain and has been selectively bred for color. The S grade stands out mainly because of the white portion of the shrimp and the beautiful cover.

The CRS S is a shrimp that has become increasingly beautiful through selective breeding. It is important to know that this shrimp does care about the correct water values as indicated on the right.

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Water parameters

These are the water parameters used by us for the Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) S (PL) shrimp

pH 7.0
gH 4
kH 1
TDS 150 ppm
Temperatuur 22.0 °C

Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) S (PL) shrimp pictures

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