Keep shrimp with fish

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Shrimp keep well with fish. However, it is important to carefully consider and keep an eye on a number of points.

Shrimp are naturally prey for fish. The fish may be fed food in a community aquarium and are accustomed to it, but if shrimp are added it may be that fish see them as prey and their hunting instincts resurface.

What fits in the mouth of a fish is food. This is an easy rule for determining whether shrimp can be placed with fish. In any case, it is not advisable to place shrimp with aggressive fish, such as puffer fish or malawi cichlids.

In addition to considering the type of fish the shrimp will be placed with, it is also good to create sufficient hiding places for shrimp. You may not see the shrimp that soon, but the chances of survival increase considerably if there are enough hiding places.

Can shrimp live with Betta?

We have had some questions about keeping shrimps with Betta in particular. Yes, they can live together peacefully. However always remember that you meet the need of the shrimp. So, make sure they have hiding places such as plants, moss, decoration and stones. Watch the temperament of your Betta; if they're chasing the shrimps either take the shrimps out and start a new tank or create even more hiding spots.

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