Birth / hatching

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Just before the shrimp will give birth, it is very fat. It seems as if she is literally about to burst. The pregnant shrimp will find a quiet place where the small shrimp can hide just before giving birth to the little ones. Often this is in the moss or another plant.

We once witnessed the delivery ourselves. Unfortunately just too late to grab the camera and make a movie.

The pregnant shrimp 'helps' the eggs with its hind legs. It looks like she's 'kicking' the little ones out. Not all eggs will come out of the shrimp at the same time. This process can even take several days.
Soon after the first shrimps are out, the pregnant shrimp will molt. Eggs may remain in the shell she leaves. We often ensure that we put this bowl in a separate container, in the aquarium, with an air hose in it. There is still a good chance that these eggs will also hatch. If you do not do this, the shell, including any remaining eggs, will be eaten by the shrimp.

What do baby shrimp eat?

Once the little ones see the light of day it is important to provide them with food. It is advisable to take this into account during pregnancy.

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