Are your pregnant shrimps dying?

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Nothing is more annoying than seeing a dead shrimp, let alone one that is pregnant! On this page you will find more information and how you might be able to save the eggs.

Common causes stem from imbalance; performing too many water changes, feeding too much, et cetera. If you regularly see dead shrimp in your aquarium, make sure to rest. This is difficult, because you would prefer to try all remedies and powders, but this often backfires.

See what you can do about shrimp diseases to walk through the steps. If several shrimp die suddenly, an emergency water change may be the most sensible thing to do. Is it a single dead shrimp? Do not do this (rest in your aquarium is the advice). Measure your water values and see if your aquarium is in balance.

Remove dead shrimp

When you see a dead shrimp, the chances are that other shrimps are eating it. Like when shrimps molt they are eating the shell. Even so with dead shrimp. We always remove dead shrimp right away because we do not know the cause, like an infection, and don't want it to transfer to other shrimps. Leaving dead shrimp in your tank can cause an ammonia spike as well.

Saving eggs

If you can still see the eggs in the dead shrimp, there is a possibility to save the eggs and maybe raise the shrimp:

  1. Fill a container, at least 1 liter, with water from the aquarium from which the pregnant shrimp comes;

  2. Place the dead shrimp in this container and try very carefully (while the dead shrimp is submerged) to release the eggs from the mother shrimp. This can be done with a skewer or a sharp knife;

  3. When all eggs are loose, remove the dead shrimp;

  4. Make sure that enough oxygen is added to the water. This can be done, for example, with an air stone;

  5. Change a small amount of water (maximum 10%) daily from the container with water from the aquarium from which the mother shrimp comes;

  6. Hopefully you will see young shrimps in your aquarium after a few days!

  7. After this, transfer the shrimp to the new aquarium (even if this is the old aquarium of the mother shrimp!).

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