Shrimp gender differences

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It is quite difficult to clearly detect gender differences with shrimps. The older the shrimp get, the better the distinction between male and female shrimp can be seen.

A number of characteristics to distinguish the gender of a shrimp are mentioned below.

Female shrimp

Female shrimp

  • More round and fuller body;
  • A more rounder underbelly;
  • The adult size of a female is about 25mm;
  • The saddle or also called egg spot (miniature undeveloped eggs in the ovaries). The undeveloped eggs are just behind the head and resemble the saddle on a horse. See the photo of a female shrimp where the saddle is clearly visible. Read more about pregnant shrimps.

Male shrimp

Garnalen man

  • Slimmer body compared to a female shrimp;
  • The adult size of a male is about 20mm;
  • Often more active, especially when hunting females.

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