Taiwan Bee Wine Red

Cardina sp. "Red Shadow" - double banded

The Taiwan Bee Wine Red is the red variant of the Panda and is therefore also called Red Panda. Where the Wine Red has a dark red color, the Panda has this black. Both with beautiful opaque white bands.

The Taiwan Bee is a very beautiful and sought after hobby shrimp. It is a shrimp with the so-called "Taiwan Bee" gene. The Taiwan Bee is a mutation of the Crystal and is characterized by the deeper color of the shrimp and also a beautiful color coverage. The Red Wine has a deep red color and a nice covering white portion.

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Water parameters

These are the water parameters used by us for the Taiwan Bee Wine Red shrimp

pH 6.2
gH 4
kH 1
TDS 150 ppm
Temperatuur 22.0 °C

Taiwan Bee Wine Red shrimp pictures

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