Care of aquarium plants

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Aquatic plants are very important in a healthy aquarium. Aquatic plants, as described on the page about the layout of a shrimp aquarium, have an oxygen-adding function to the aquarium, filter the water and prevent algae growth.

Due to the fact that aquatic plants have an important function in the aquarium, it is essential to take good care of the plants as well.

Do your plants grow well in the aquarium? Then there is no reason to change anything. But do you notice that growth is delayed, there are many brown leaves, the leaves remain small or your plants even die? Then it is good to take action. It is important to find out what good options are and what shrimp can handle.

The right balance

Plants grow and maintain color through the right balance between light, water and nutrition.

  • Light is relatively easy; lots of light provided by the right lighting (aquarium fluorescent lamps for example). On average, the aquarium lighting is on for about 8 hours a day.

  • The water must be properly started (see starting up the shrimp aquarium) in other words; a good biological balance must be created in the aquarium. It is also important for the plants to be able to settle down before adding shrimp to the aquarium. Shrimps graze the microorganisms of the leaves and, if a plant is not yet sufficiently strengthened, this can lead to problems with the plants.

  • Everything that lives needs nutrition, including aquatic plants. Below we describe the most added food forms for aquarium plants. We describe this based on our own experiences. Read more...

  • Plant nutrition

    There are different forms of plant nutrition. For example, Easy Life has a number of products on the market that can be used to feed aquarium plants. But Dennerle and Tetra have also come up with solutions to feed plants.

    Read more about plant nutrition...

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