Step-by-step plan for starting a shrimp aquarium

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Below is a step-by-step plan for starting an aquarium for shrimp.

  1. Read yourself well in starting up an aquarium. You are already working on that; well done!;

  2. Buy aquarium supplies

    You are going to buy supplies for your aquarium. You have read in and above is stated what you need to know in advance;

  3. Set up an aquarium

    Arrange the base of your tank so that you don't have to change much later. Think of the bottom, the filter, the plants, a piece of wood and the decorations (stones, laying caves, etc.);

  4. Aquarium heating

    If you are using a heating element, it is best to place it but not switch it on yet;

  5. Add water

    Add clean water to your tank. This is best done by placing a bucket higher than your aquarium and siphoning the water with a hose.
    TIP: put the end of this hose in a sandwich bag, so that the jet of water does not fall directly into the aquarium and your water becomes less cloudy;

  6. You have filled your aquarium with tap water or osmosis water. The aquarium now looks a bit cloudy. Leave the aquarium alone for a day;

  7. Make adjustments and turn on the filter

    After the day of rest you can see if you like the interior; the position of your filter, the decoration, the wood et cetera. Now is the time to make some adjustments. You can now turn on your filter (don't be alarmed, this will probably cloud the water a bit again);

  8. Turn on the heating

    After everything is in place, the filter has started, it is important to give your aquarium a rest so that a healthy bacteria culture can develop in your aquarium. After about one week you turn on the heating element. The heating will require less energy to bring the water up to temperature because you have already brought the water to room temperature by waiting a week;

  9. The first water change

    Now we have to wait two weeks. A nitrite peak occurs after about two weeks. This is a turning point for the water values in your aquarium. It is good to do a first water change now. Add about 20% new water;

  10. Now let your aquarium stand for at least one more week. Because of the nitrite peak, it is therefore good to wait a total of at least three weeks, after starting the aquarium, before adding shrimp. We wait five weeks, from step 5, until we add the first shrimps;

  11. Yes! Shrimp in your tank

    You have had the patience and the shrimp can be placed in their new habitat. Read carefully how to acclimate the new shrimp in your aquarium;


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