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Shrimp are not fussy about the setup at all. As long as they have a place to retreat quietly, it is fine as far as they are concerned.

Of course there are several options that can make the shrimp's life more enjoyable based on your aquarium design. Do not stuff your aquarium completely with everything, but also give the shrimp space to move around.

  • Preferably fine-leaved plants such as waterweed and hornwort.

  • There are many types of moss. For example, mossballs, Java moss, Christmas moss are doing very well;

  • For example, with wood you should think of root wood. Shrimp eat microorganisms from the wood. Therefore always add a piece of wood;

  • As soils you have several choices such as gravel, sand or special shrimpsoil.


  • Plants

    Plants are indispensable in any aquarium. Shrimp are not very choosy when it comes to aquatic plants. Plants, for a shrimp aquarium, serve several purposes; food gets stuck in it and shrimp can hide in the vegetation.

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  • Moss

    Moss is indispensable in a shrimp aquarium. Moss is very useful because there are all kinds of food residues for the shrimps and moss is nice and soft.

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  • Wood

    In addition to its decorative function, wood also has another good function; wood contains many microorganisms. Before adding wood to an aquarium, it is advisable to rinse and clean the wood with very hot water.

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  • Shrimp soil

    There is a lot of variety to think of in terms of ground cover. Below we make the difference between a PH-lowering soil and a normal soil cover.

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  • Cover glass / net

    A aquarium cover is a glass plate that covers the aquarium at the top. Not every aquarium needs a cover pane, because often the light box is also sufficient as a cover pane.

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