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A cover glass is a glass plate that covers the aquarium at the top. Not every aquarium needs a cover glass, because often the light box is also sufficient as a cover or aquarium lid.

Sometimes shrimps can go on an adventure. It is therefore wise to close open holes. We use a glass plate to close our aquariums. To be honest, it has not happened yet that a shrimp has climbed out of the aquarium. However, there are stories where this has happened.

Besides keeping the shrimps in the aquarium, aquarium covers has another important advantage; the temperature. Because the cover pane closes the aquarium at the top, the water stays at a better temperature and the heating element, if present, does not have to work as hard to keep the water at the right temperature.

Pros glass aquarium cover

  • The big advantage of a top pane is that it helps to keep the temperature in your aquarium.

Cons glass aquarium cover

  • Condensation; which may hinder your aquarium lighting;
  • Difficult to tailor, so make it yourself / have it made yourself what can be expensive;
  • The cover glass must be kept clean.

Net cover for aquarium

Coincidentally, I also came across another option on the internet: a cover net. The very nice solution against shrimp that want to crawl out of your aquarium. You can buy ready-made packages but, and that is even better, you can also make a cover net / tank cover yourself. Choose a fine-meshed net, make a frame (for example from wood) and with some tinkering you have put it together in no time.

We ourselves have no experience with cover nets, but we will certainly give it a try soon. I am curious about the amount of condensation that sticks to the net.

Pros cover net

  • Easy to make yourself, so cheap.

Cons cover net

  • The heat can easily disappear from your aquarium, so your heating has to work harder;
  • You have to be a bit handy to make this look nice.

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