Shrimp aquarium plants

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Plants are indispensable in any aquarium, they provide beauty, but not to mention also the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Shrimp are not very picky when it comes to aquatic plants, but there are plants that have an edge.

Plants, for a shrimp aquarium, serve several purposes; after all, food lingers in it that especially small baby shrimp are happy with and benefit from. In addition, shrimp can hide in the plants. Shrimp therefore prefer a denser structure in terms of plants.

Besides the fact that plants are beautiful and add oxygen to the aquarium, plants have another important function: signaling. You can see fairly well from plants whether there is an imbalance in certain water values or nutrients.

Examples of suitable plants:



Hornwort is a very suitable oxygen plant that is not very demanding.



Waterweed is a very suitable plant to start with.


Java fern

Slow growing and easy to keep plant for your aquarium.

No magic formula

There are many opinions about aquatic plants and everyone seems to be able to talk about it. There is no magic formula for the right plants in your aquarium. Much depends on your water values, lighting and plant nutrition. There is one basic thing about aquarium plants that you need to understand.

  1. Aquarium lighting

    Shrimp like a bit of light, but so do plants. In fact; this is what they, and your tank, need.

    Maximize your aquarium lighting to 8 hours per day.

    This way your plants don't grow too fast and your shrimps get more than enough light.

  2. The right plants

    Learn about the properties of the plants you want in your aquarium. For example, there are plants that like soft water, so do not put them together with plants that like acidic water. Aquatic plants that like acidic water are in any case less suitable for a shrimp aquarium. Read more about acidic water on the water parameters page.

  3. Plant nutrition

    For the best results, it is important to study plant nutrition. We have made a separate page with all information about the care of aquarium plants.

  • Moss

    Moss is indispensable in a shrimp aquarium. Moss is very useful because there are all kinds of food residues for the shrimps and moss is nice and soft.

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  • Wood

    In addition to its decorative function, wood also has another good function; wood contains many microorganisms. Before adding wood to an aquarium, it is advisable to rinse and clean the wood with very hot water.

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  • Shrimp soil

    There is a lot of variety to think of in terms of ground cover. Below we make the difference between a PH-lowering soil and a normal soil cover.

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  • Cover glass / net

    A aquarium cover is a glass plate that covers the aquarium at the top. Not every aquarium needs a cover pane, because often the light box is also sufficient as a cover pane.

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