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In addition to its decorative function, wood also has another good function; wood contains many microorganisms. Before adding wood to an aquarium, it is advisable to rinse and clean the wood with very hot water.

Suitable wood

There are many different types of aquarium wood. Not every wood is ideally suited for a shrimp aquarium.



Spiderwood has a light brown or reddish color and consists of much thinner branches. Spiderwood originates in China and is the roots of the Rhododendron.


Savannah wood

Savannah wood is a type of wood that sinks straight to the bottom. Savannah wood is characterized by having a light brown with a dark brown color.


Mopani wood

Mopani wood comes from the roots of the Mopani tree. This type of wood also sinks straight to the bottom.

You may think: driftwood is missing. This is because driftwood is not a type of wood. Driftwood is actually a collective name for many different types of wood.

The wood we use in our breeding boxes is spiderwood. We have chosen this because the wood does not color the water and there are many branches. This gives a nice effect and more play and living space for the shrimps.

White haze on the wood

You have started up your tank and notice that a white haze is forming over your wood. Don't panic, this is a normal process and not dangerous. It is a type of fungus that gets on most pieces of wood when you add it to your tank. During the first water change, see step-by-step plan to start up shrimp aquarium, you can remove some of the white haze. If there is still some white haze on your wood when you add shrimp, that is no problem at all. Shrimp even like it and you will see it gone in a few days (depending on the number of shrimps).

How long does wood last in an aquarium?

Wood will eventually rot after 4 to 6 years. This creates a lot of waste in the aquarium. Not every wood will last for years. It is therefore important to check that no small particles come loose from the wood, or that you can see pieces of wood going through the aquarium or lying on the bottom. These are characteristics of rotting wood in an aquarium. When in doubt; replace wood.

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