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Tap water is of course the water that comes out of the tap. Tap water is a vague and general concept. What is often not realized is that tap water is not the same everywhere. For example, there are large water differences between, for example, Amsterdam, London or New York. The water hardness is different, as are the additions to water.

Advantages of tap water

  • Cheaper compared to osmosis water.

Disadvantages of tap water

  • Water values less constant;
  • Water values more difficult to regulate;
  • Pollution remains in the water.

Can shrimp breeded in osmosis water be kept in tap water?

Yes, that's no problem. This is a frequently asked question because there is so much uncertainty about osmosis water and people are also scared. Shrimp bred in osmosis water can be placed in tap water without any problems. Always check your water values against the water values of the breeder and let shrimp slowly acclimate!

This is what you need to know about acclimation!

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