Tap water vs. osmosis water

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Osmosis water or tap water? This is a question that (especially many novice) shrimp owners have to contend with. The fact that shrimp are farmed on tap water does not mean anything because the water, and therefore the water values, differs per location (globally but also regionally). Osmosis water is perfect water for the shrimp, which comes close to the original water. In addition, the water values can be regulated more precisely using osmosis water. The disadvantage is that osmosis water is more expensive than tap water. Of course you have to make the assessment yourself.

We breed our shrimps on 100% tap water. This is because our water here is quite soft and produces a pH of around 7.0. Taiwan Bee are grown on 50% osmosis water and 50% tap water. We can better say that we keep and breed our shrimp on certain water values, which can be found in the information about the specific shrimp.

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