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The well-known water change. Much is written about it and opinions differ widely. One person changes 30% per week, while the other only adds water when enough has evaporated. The frequency of the water change differs. On this page we indicate how we apply the water changes.

Emergency? Go here to see how you perform an emergency water change.

We do a water change of 10% once every 14 days. With this we do not disturb the bacterial culture and sufficient waste products are removed. Please note; our aquariums are inhabited only by shrimp and do not contain a large amount of plants that secrete waste products. Shrimp on their own also emit relatively little waste products, which means that the influence on water values is relatively low for us.

We carry out the water change as follows:

  1. Prepare the water if you use osmosis water;

  2. Water at room temperature

    Prepare the container or bucket with new water an hour before adding it, so the water is up to temperature;

  3. Old water out

    Remove 10% water from the aquarium;

  4. New water in

    Add the new water gradually.

Note: do not perform the water change with hot water from the tap. It is possible that a larger amount of unwanted substances, such as copper, are then carried along. So let cold water come to the right temperature in the room.

Water change by observations

You may notice that shrimp do not behave as you are used to. This can be a sign that something is wrong with the water values. In that case, test your water values immediately. If you notice anything abnormal, proceed to a large water change. See the emergency water change.

Top up with water after evaporation

Some people will replenish water after evaporation. The lamp above the aquarium heats up and the temperature of the water allows the water to evaporate. Now this can be topped up with fresh new water. A method that we do not apply ourselves. Why? Because there are waste products in the current aquarium water which you do not remove but leave. Shrimps do not excrete much waste, but it is important to regularly remove the waste that is present and to refresh it with new water. For example, if 2 liters has evaporated from a 40 liter aquarium, remove another 2 liters from the aquarium and add 4 liters of new water. This way you come out nice again with the 10% water change.

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