Emergency water change

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Are your shrimp dying? Are they acting strangely and listlessly? Have they not come to food for days? Due to various circumstances, it may be necessary to perform an emergency water change. In fact, this takes place in the same way as a regular water change, except that the volume of the water change will be higher. We never change more than 40% water ourselves because we want to maintain the bacterial culture.

Only perform an emergency water change if it is really necessary; if shrimp die or exhibit strange behavior. This is because you remove a large volume of your aquarium water, with bacterial culture.

If your shrimp are sick or appear to be dying en masse, see what you can do on our sick shrimp page.

Perform emergency water change

  1. Turn off your filter and heater and remove the filter from your tank.

  2. Make sure you get water from your tank as soon as possible. Maximum 40% of your total aquarium water.

  3. Prepare the water if you use osmosis water ;

  4. Do not rinse all your filter material because of the bacterial culture in your aquarium.

  5. If your water is not yet up to temperature, add it very slowly. Do not use hot water from the tap!

  6. If your heater is submerged, turn it back on.

  7. What happens now? Check every hour how your shrimp react to the big water change.

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