Water parameters Iron (Fe), Phosphate (PO4), Copper (Cu) and Chlorine (Cl)

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On this page you will find information about Iron, Phosphate, Copper and Chlorine.

Iron (Fe)

Iron is, in particular, an important nutrient for aquatic plants. A low iron content therefore has negative consequences for the planting of your aquarium. An iron content that is too high is harmful to shrimp.

The good iron water value for shrimp is 0.5 - 1.0 mg per liter.

With new aquariums you check the iron content more often (weekly) and with a properly installed aquarium this can be done monthly without any problems. Do you see that the plants are no longer growing, or that there is suddenly a growth of algae, then be sure to check the Fe value in your aquarium.

Lower Fe

  • Perform a water change.

Increase Fe

  • Fertilize the aquarium plants.

Phosphate (PO4)

Phosphate is indicated by the PO4 value and has a very important function in the metabolism of shrimp. Too much phosphate can be caused by too many shrimp per liter (read more about the number of shrimp per liter here), too high a concentration of phosphate in the shrimp food and / or phosphate-containing nutrients for aquarium plants. Too high a phosphate content, in combination with too high nitrite values, is a feast for algae and results in algae growth.

The good phosphate water value for shrimps is a maximum of 0.5 mg per liter.

You can test phosphate once a week in a new aquarium. Monthly with an aquarium. Also for the phosphate value applies: if plants grow poorly or there is suddenly an algae growth, it is good to check the phosphate content.

Lower FO4 

  • Do a water change;
  • Add fast growing plants to your tank;
  • Feed less.

Copper (Cu)

Copper is indicated by the Cu value and is very toxic to shrimps. Copper enters the aquarium water through tap water and / or copper-containing care products.

The good copper water value for shrimp is 0.0 mg per liter!

Lower Cu

  • Perform an emergency water change of at least 25% (better 30%).

Chloor (Cl)

Chlorine is indicated by the Cl value. Chlorine often comes along with tap water and reduces the breakdown of harmful substances in the aquarium filter because it destroys cleaning bacteria.

The good chlorine water value for shrimps is 0.02 mg per liter.

You check chlorine once for a new aquarium. With a retracted aquarium you do this again a year. If unexplained shrimp death occurs, check the chlorine content.

Lower Cl

  • Change the water through a clean sieve and treat the water with an aquasafe product.

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